Beautiful music to beautiful people

Indie artists are all the age, this artist with her wonderful heart and folk-like sound shares her passion with the listener in an incredible way.  “Beautiful music to a beautiful people” as she says!

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Singer Songwriter Sandra Esparza, exemplifies what good song writing and singing that stands on it’s own. These songs are guitar backed, at times a piano.

Singer-songwriter Sandra Esparza has a voice that is both crystalline and earthy. She delivers notes like healing crystals; lustrous, pastel quartz meant to carry purposeful energy. Sandra is proof that pop songs do carry weight and meaning, especially for the songwriter.

Even in its live and raw recording conditions, Sandra Esparza’s voice is fantastic, exhibiting great control and confidence across her entire register; great highs and lows while not overdoing it. Her voice is soothing to the soul, and plenty sassy when it wants to be, while her performances are incredibly honest and intelligent, as she resonates her emotions. She is a treat, a rare find in today’s jumble of so much glossy, sound-alike junk.

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