Exploring the issues on Africa

In this most amazing artistic approach, the author uses poetry to explore cultural issues related

to Africa, the violence in Africa and concerns related to Africa.

WAKE UP AFRICA – African consults Ancestors, Mother Africa & the Almighty on African strifes

In this poem WAKE UP AFRICA – I WEEP written and performed by Oliver O. Mbamara, an African concerned about

recent violence and killings in Africa, take the case to the Almighty, the Ancestors, and Mother Africa.

He notes that some Africans seem to have forgotten their identity and have lost touch with their culture.

Such Africans have taken up foreign cultures as a replacement and have allowed their thinking and

objectives to be driven by principles of life that are rooted in foreign cultures. In the process, some

having lost their identity and independence of thought end up in a state of limbo from which he urges them

to WAKE UP like the children of Divinity that they are, put on earth to excel.

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