Learning to pickup life pieces

Life is learning and in this video they examine the life puzzle and your mindset.  Watch this video and discover more about yourself.

This video is titled, Seeing the big picture. The video is made by a father, military veteran, author, and choice provider by the name of Samuel Washington. This video is the first real push in his YouTube debate and features his two sons. The boys are nine and ten.


The video takes us through an imaginary world where everything is perfect and our life and success is already setup for us. The video then brung is back to reality letting us know that type of world doesn’t exist. Sam lets the audience know that life is like a puzzle. Each of us have our own unique puzzle and none of us are born with all of the pieces for that puzzle. Instead, we must get out , grow, and go collect those pieces for our puzzle. Our puzzle pieces look like lessons we experience everyday single day. We have to be willing to go through those and pick to pick up our puzzle pieces. Finally, once we’ve collected enough pieces we can slowly start to see the big picture and I have a feeling it’s going to be a beautiful one.

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