Murder Mystery Wicked Enigma Great entertainment

It is often said “a great murder mystery is entertaining”, that is fact in this new online web series.   Take a few minutes and watch this great video now.

This LGBTQ suspense thriller has the drama of Pretty Little Liars with the horror elements of Scream. Our sassy
and troubled heroes are far from heroic as they try to keep murder a secret. Max must survive betrayal, love,
loss and grief while being a pawn of an even more WICKED game. But when everyone has a motive, who do you

Determined to get into the film academy, Max, an aspiring filmmaker brings together a group of friends to help
him with his college entry piece. However, a more sinister plan is already underway.

A Guilt-ridden Max reaches out to a support group in hopes of coming to terms with his recent decision to keep a
murder secret. But when the guilty party finds themselves reunited, one of them expresses an urge to come clean.

In the wake of their friend’s supposed suicide, Max stumbles upon an unsettling piece of the puzzle. While the
gang investigates Emily’s suicide, Austin begins to find it difficult keeping his sexual orientation and secret
relationship from the public.


Streaming series have truly come along way and this is one of the best we seen in years!  Take a moment and let us know what your thoughts are below!

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