New Song Go For Broke Indie Rock

Scrolling through your playlist tired of the same old songs?  Here is a new Song “Go for Broke”, Rock N Roll, with an Indie Rock foundation.   Explore this new music video now.

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Go For Broke is a story about a young musician and reflecting on a “Seize The Moment” mentality. In the song, the musician adjusts his worldview that life hasn’t necessarily turned out the way it was meant, but he holds onto it nevertheless as there is always hope and a dream. The Blue Crusader is the young musicians alter ego who is always up to “Go For Broke.”

 “Go For Broke” – New Music Video hits the stream

Who needs motivational speakers and life coaches when you have music that sings to your inner soul to get you to Seize the moment of your life and push forward.  In those moments where you doubt yourself hit play on this new rock music.


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